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Dallas Farmers Market Site Launches

Together with Tracy Locke, Canonball recently launched the beautiful new site for Dallas Farmers Market. The new Farmers Market is an exciting opportunity for Dallas to show their commitment to health and nutrition. The desire for the farmers market to cultivate a better lifestyle for North Texas and rival many of the noted farmers markets […]

8 Essential Apps for Designers

8 Essential Apps for Designers

So, you’re a designer on the go. Your iPhone (or Android. Let’s be honest — you probably have an iPhone) is pretty much permanently attached to your hand. Once you’ve refreshed your Instagram for the 500th time, maybe you want to be productive for a second. It’s always nice when apps can offer that convenience. […]

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Is Snapcash the Key to Snapchat’s Profitability?

If you’re on Snapchat, then you likely received an interesting video message last night. The app-based messaging service blasted out a wizard-of-Oz-like video (above) to introduce its new service, Snapcash, which allows you to link your debit card to the app and send money to friends. Snapchat has partnered with Square Cash to offer the […]

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6 Easy Ways to Do SEO Wrong (Key Takeaways)

This entry is part 8 in the series Bad SEO Made Easy

Gimmicky options like keyword stuffing, sketchy practices like hidden text, and clandestine link-sharing groups are potential ways to get short-term gains at the price of long-term pains. This gaming of the system works directly against Google’s business interests, and you can bet they invest a substantial sum of time and money into mitigating these factors. […]

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SEO Mistake #6: Getting It Backwards

This entry is part 7 in the series Bad SEO Made Easy

This highly common SEO mistake is one of the easiest to make by people who take SEO seriously. Unlike those who ignore SEO altogether, this group of companies see the value of content strategy, keyword research, and the like. They understand that (like it or not) the search engines hold the reins of many would-be […]

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Technology Holds Great Potential for the Art World

Shortly before graduating from college, I found myself at dinner with a group of finance majors, many of whom were interviewing for consulting jobs. Our conversation wandered to the value of work. For example, how can a struggling company justify the cost of hiring a consulting team to come in and evaluate their problems? Or, […]

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