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It’s beginning to look a lot like Snapchat

I started writing this blog before the ‘big news’ broke yesterday. The big news I’m referring to are the leaked emails between Sony executives and Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. Private emails from Sony Entertainment were hacked and leaked yesterday, revealing ambitious plans for the young CEO and his ephemeral messaging app. Spiegel talked about his […]

Jennifer explains the 5 Questions Your Homepage Should Answer. Does your website measure up?

5 Questions Every Homepage Should Answer

Once upon a time, websites were meant to be a static brochure on the internet. With more demands from web users, companies can no longer coast along with a static website. You site must provide insightful and have engaging content. Your website is the front door to your business. (For many organizations, your website IS […]

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Is Multifamily Resisting Innovation?

Last week, I attended the Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference (BMAC) in Washington, DC. From the topics to the attendees and accommodations, I found it to be the best multifamily conference I’ve attended to date. Despite the great execution, however, I couldn’t help but leave the conference with some doubts about the future. I wondered… “Is […]

What we learned in our Canonball Internsip

Canonball Interns Bare All (What We Learned!)

Canonball recently said goodbye to our group fall interns — one of our best intern crops to date. While we’d love to have them stay forever, we understand that they have exams and families to attend to this time of year. This bunch had no shortage of energy, motivation, giggles and great ideas. We decided […]

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Dallas Farmers Market Site Launches

Together with Tracy Locke, Canonball recently launched the beautiful new site for Dallas Farmers Market. The new Farmers Market is an exciting opportunity for Dallas to show their commitment to health and nutrition. The desire for the farmers market to cultivate a better lifestyle for North Texas and rival many of the noted farmers markets […]

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