bridging gender gap in advertising

The Advertising Industry: Bridging the Gender Gap

Musings from a Canonball intern… I’m a college Senior, graduating in a few short weeks.Throughout my years at SMU, I’ve noticed that the gender ratio in the advertising major is extremely skewed. Walk into any advertising/communications class, and you’ll see mostly women—about 76% of SMU’s ad majors are female. With this figure, you would think […]

promotional videos dallas

Canonball Launches into Promotional Videos (AmWell Preview)

Just recently, Canonball took on its first video project with AmWell Fabrication. With the help of Canonball’s creative mastermind (Catherine), probing interviewer (Kerie), and handy intern (Angel), the agency will be releasing its very first promotional video. Not to mention, special guest Kace Phillips lends his voice so smooth, you wouldn’t believe it’s not butter! […]

snapchat emoji update

Snapchat’s Emoji Update: Yea or Nay?

This might be so last week’s news, but… have you heard about Snapchat’s latest update? (Yes, it involves Emojis). Recently, Snapchat had gotten rid of its “Best Friends” feature, which publicized your three strongest Snapchat relationships (i.e., the people you Snapchat most). For some, this was a fun way to gauge interactions among friends; for […]

ROI, Marketers, DFW AMA

Marketers Must Talk ROI (4 Key Takeaways)

If you haven’t been to one of the DFW AMA Executive Luncheons lately, you’re really missing out! Today I had the pleasure of volunteering with some of Dallas’ finest marketing folk and also take a few lessons from VP Marketing of EG Americas at HP, Allison Cerra. As marketers, she explained, we are constantly faced […]

instagram layout app

Instagram Introduces “Layout” App (A How-to Guide)

What is LAYOUT? LAYOUT is the latest photo iPhone app from Instagram that allows you to combine multiple pictures into one image to post from your Instagram account. With LAYOUT, you can easily select the photos that you want to merge together. The photos are can be filtered by All, Faces, or Recent. After choosing […]

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