Why Content is King for Multifamily Properties

Content is King. It’s a marketing buzzword phrase that you’ve probably heard before, but I’m not sure it’s widely understood—particularly in multifamily and apartment marketing. The marketing world is notorious for buzzword speak. We’re all just a bunch of “thought leaders” and “gurus” trying to help you deliver an “immersive experience” to your renters. So […]


The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

So you want to promote your apartment complex online… …And you have no idea where to begin. No worries, you’re not alone. Allow me to introduce you to the Intern’s Guide to Online Marketing, or as I like to fondly refer to it as, The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing. With online marketing, there are […]

We Want You To Be a Canonballer

WE WANT YOU! …to be a Canonballer this Fall!

Client Services Internship Opportunity with Canonball – Fall 2014 Job Description As an intern at Canonball, there is one ultimate goal of your time spent with us – for you to leave here better prepared for your career, having learned the ins and outs of a digital ad agency and how to properly serve clients. […]

Why Responsive Websites are better than mobile websites

Why Responsive Websites are Better Than Mobile Websites

In 2014, a website whose content does not fit well into your screen is quickly starting to lose value in the eyes of your visitors. And, with the variety of new devices being launched into the market, it’s becoming more difficult to ensure that your website can fit everyone’s screen. Besides mobile apps, there are […]


The 4 Commandments of Social Media Interaction

Long gone are the times of stranger danger. Well, at least that’s true if you’re running a company social media account. Nowadays it is common – and almost expected – for a company to interact with its customers on the Internet. Maybe your company hasn’t been doing that. No need to fear, for I have […]

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