How Millennial Trends Inform Today’s Marketing

(From Canonball’s Resident Millennial) One of the biggest benefits of working at a small agency is the amount of talent we have packed into a 1500-square-foot office space. Fresh out of college, I don’t think there’s any better “first job” than the one where you’re the least experienced person in the room. Sure, there’s a […]


Cross-Cultural Advertising (Why one message doesn’t fit all)

Knowing your audience is key in any successful advertising campaign. When brands make that important step onto the global stage, they are faced with a whole new audience with different tastes and ticks. Doing a copy-paste strategy for your marketing is dangerous, and brands who fail to adjust marketing in other countries become irrelevant and […]


How to Grow the Next Great App

At Apple’s Keynote Speech on March 9th, a Chinese mobile app called WeChat drew a special highlight during the Apple Watch demonstration. If you haven’t heard of it, WeChat is currently the most popular mobile app in China with 468 million active monthly users. Essentially, WeChat is an instant messaging app with additional features such […]


Real Estate Marketing: The Power of Online Videos

Video is one of the most powerful online marketing tools at our disposal today. In fact, about 79 percent of all online traffic is related to video. Using it effectively, however, can be the tricky part. YouTube has long been the king of online video content. The platform reports more than 1 billion users, who […]


Canonball Takes SXSW! (5 Things You Missed)

The Canonball crew just returned from South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Needless to say, we’re all a little high on life and low on sleep. Despite the festival’s reputation for awesome music, it also happens to be one of the leading technology conferences in the country. Austin has gained national attention recently with […]

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