The 4 Commandments of Social Media Interaction

Long gone are the times of stranger danger. Well, at least that’s true if you’re running a company social media account. Nowadays it is common – and almost expected – for a company to interact with its customers on the Internet. Maybe your company hasn’t been doing that. No need to fear, for I have […]

6_slang_words_and_terms_your_audience_is using_on_Twitter.indd

6 Slang Words and Terms Your Audience is Using on Twitter

2014 has left social media brand content in a strange position. For the most part, those who are reading it are millennials, but what about those writing it? And although a small percentage of Twitter users disclose their age, of those that do, 73.7% of them are between the ages of 15-­‐25. So how does […]

Jennifer Mullane's 12 Easy Steps to Write a Google Review

12 Simple Steps to Writing A Google Review

Businesses are always trying to improve our customers’ experience. In order for an organization to help provide the best customer service possible, they depend on their happy, loyal customers to write them reviews. In addition, over 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Which is why it is […]

If you build it, they will come. NO they won’t.

How to get started driving traffic to your site

We see it all the time –  many people in business today have the mentality that if their website were just better, newer, more feature rich, or looked prettier then customers would just start showing up to find out more about their company and buy their products or services. I wish it were that easy. […]


8 iPhone Apps That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

These days, it seems like all we hear about are bad people doing bad things to good people. Apparently, the only ratings news channels can get are about someone being shot in one city, someone blew up a bus in another city, or an old lady was robbed in another. However, there are some iPhone […]

Logo Design!

Branding Yourself: Logo Design

Arguably the most important feature of any branding effort, logo design is an oft-misunderstood art. Establish the ‘feel’ first. What kind of business/organization are you designing for? Obviously, a financial planner has different brand needs from a hip new restaurant, but dig even further than that. Get to know the business. Get to know the […]


Amazon & Google Competing in the Same-Day Delivery Battle

I remember watching “I Dream of Jeannie” when I was a kid and thought, “how awesome would it be if I could wiggle my nose and something would just appear”. Although our society is not that advanced, you could say we are getting there. Introducing same-day shipping from two popular retailers: Amazon and Google. Both […]


Canonball Launches Lakewood Brewing Company

Canonball is excited to announce the launch of Lakewood Brewing Company’s website. Lakewood Brewing Company is a family-owned craft brewery, founded in 2011. They strive to create the highest quality of beers, by developing new and exciting styles while staying true to the art and precision of craft brewing. Their beers are available throughout the […]


Jennifer’s Favorite WordPress Widgets and Plugins – March 2014

As a digital marketing professional, I am always searching for new and super useful WordPress widgets and plugins for my clients and my own personal website to help keep productivity up and sites optimized to their fullest potential. With these five plugins and widgets, you can now set up an online education portal, ensure you […]


Canonball Welcomes Talented UX Designer, Mike Krankota to the team!

Canonball is excited to welcome Mike Krankota to the team. Mike takes the creative and UX lead at Canonball by translating intangible visions into realities. Prior to joining Canonball, Mike was a Senior Designer at Propel Group where he provided a wide variety of creative services including but not limited to, branding; design; layout; print […]


What Does a Website Cost? Part 2

In my last post, we discussed the costs associated with building and designing a website, and used the comparison of a purchasing an automobile. Just like the cost structure of a car can vary greatly, depending on the model, type, options, etc., a website’s cost structure can vary greatly as well. Also, just like a […]


What Happens at SXSW…

When I look back on my 5-day trip to SXSWi in Austin, I wonder what the heck I did every day. Flashbacks of iPad drones following me around the trade show and sitting in a session with Seth Meyers and Olivia Munn come to mind. Then I think back to Friday when colleague, Ashley, and […]


Mobile Design Patterns: Can You Use Them On All Devices?

Part 1: Homepage By now, you probably know that an overwhelming majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices or tablets. So, you use best practices (hopefully), and design mobile-up, with progressive enhancements instead of regressive simplification, and you provide the best possible experience for users regardless of device, right? Well, here’s the question: what […]

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