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4 Great Multifamily Logos and Why They Work

In yet another example of how branding is an inescapable reality that all businesses need to address, let’s take a look at multifamily development branding. Not so long ago, simply smashing together a couple of aspirational-sounding words in a fancy script was enough. “The Hills at Forestwood” or something like that. Potential residents have become […]

Mobvertise chooses Canonball

Mobvertise Chooses Canonball as Agency of Record

Mobvertise, a new mobile advertising network launching this September at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco, selected Canonball as their creative agency of record. The Dallas-born company is pioneered by Zishan Ali, a seasoned entrepreneur in the online advertising space. With two companies under his belt, Zishan found himself frustrated with the options for mobile […]

Snapchat for Multifamily

Snapchat: Opportunities for Multifamily

Last week, we discussed why Snapchat may soon find its way into multifamily marketing. Why? Because that’s where your target audience is spending their time. A quick look at the numbers revealed a hefty Millennial population on Snapchat (10 million+), with an even larger presence among the up-and-coming Generation Z. In a short period of […]

Top instagram accounts

The Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Need a little more inspiration on your Instagram feed? Here’s my roundup of the 5 best Instagram accounts to follow. (Besides Canonball’s, of course!) My Day With Leo (@mydaywithleo) One of my closest friends is more than a little obsessed with Titanic, and when I told her about this Leonardo DiCaprio cutout account, she may […]

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